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Exploring Paid Membership: How Paid Members Differ from Your Normal Customers

If you are a frequent customer of a supermarket, bookstore, clothing store, or online shop, you’ve probably been offered a membership card at least once. As a customer, buying one may seem like a useless expense, but from a business’s perspective, it is a genius strategy that will benefit you and the establishment. Offering private or paid membership is a common way businesses gain customer loyalty. People who bought a membership slot will automatically become entitled to certain perks, such as calling dibs on a product soon to be released, receiving additional discounts, or enjoying extra services like lounge seats

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Helping Your Children’s Language and Speech Development

There are many strategies that educators and parents use to help their children improve their speech and language skills. Some have used board games, activity toys, interlocking blocks, role-playing games, art, and even music lessons to help children expand these

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New York Businesses Are Losing Patience

Restaurant owners are up in arms over New York City’s forced closures as well as the timid response of the New York Police Departments to the riots. More than 350 restaurants filed a $2 billion class-action lawsuit against the city,

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For Better Learning as an Adult, Take a Childlike Approach

When you’re young and still in school, you basically have one job: studying. But children often struggle to nail that one task. They might have numerous distractions, each competing for their attention. Interest in extra-curricular activities, developing relationships or having issues with their peers, and the allure of video games and social media; all of these can detract from learning focus. With age comes maturity, a greater ability to focus, and more depth of experience. As a grown-up, you know what’s important and how to manage priorities. You can see how a particular subject can be relevant to your life.


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The Science Behind Nutrition: Why is It So Confusing?

Nutrition is essential to understanding human health, so it’s important that we keep studying and uncovering its science. This is why educational programs, such as Nutrition, Dietetics, Nutritional Therapy and even holistic Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma Courses are offered at schools. However,

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Mistakes You Should Not Make When Playing the Piano

Did you begin your piano lessons and are finding the new journey both exciting and challenging? You are not alone; learning how to play the piano can evoke different feelings in individuals. Nevertheless, learning how to play the piano is

Building Your First Community Library

So the good news is that public libraries in America outnumber McDonald’s. The bad news is that families spend $18.6 billion on home video games for their children vs. $1 billion on books and other library materials. But all is

Building Your First Community Library

So the good news is that public libraries in America outnumber McDonald’s. The bad news is that families spend $18.6 billion on home video games for their children vs. $1 billion on books and other library materials. But all is not lost. The American Library Association (ALA) reports that there are more than 9,000 public libraries in America, not including those found in public schools. If you’re working for your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, an excellent effort is to help build a community public library. You’re going to, of course, source books from donors. But you can also

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Studying for an Exam through Spaced Repetition

Getting a degree while you are working full-time and doing your parenting duties can make things go crazy. While focusing on three things at once is not impossible, it can be extremely tough. One of the most challenging parts of pursuing a post-grad course like Master of Science in Business Analytics is preparing for a significant exam while trying to distribute your available hours to your obligations in the office and your home. Everyone has different strategies for studying for a test. A lot of students in NUS and other universities are still holding on to the old-age technique of

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Five Things You Need to Do to Start a Career in Aeronautics

You don’t have to be Tom Cruise’s character Maverick in “Top Gun” to fly a plane or know how to engineer an aircraft. Yes, wearing that uniform looks cool and super interesting. But in hindsight, those working in aeronautics, such as aeronautical engineers, pilots, technicians, and air traffic controllers, spent many hours in school, libraries, and airport hangs to learn, research, and train. Get the Right Education One of the many things that aeronautical engineers, pilots, and technicians have to hone is their skills in mathematics, physics, and even inertial navigation system (INS) simulation. They need a good grasp of

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Why Apply with a Driver Leasing Company

Have you ever dreamed of going on a journey with nothing but the road in front of you? Do you enjoy whizzing past some of the most beautiful natural sights in the country? If so, you might be inclined to become a cross-country truck driver. These drivers are tasked with driving trucks that transport cargo across state lines and are responsible for ensuring that both the cargo and the vehicle arrive at their intended destination quickly and safely. Though it is a common perception that those who wish to become truck drivers would apply at a trucking company, it might

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