About Action for Renewables

Action for Renewables is a website dedicated to exploring the current events and possibilities of all things renewable. More and more people around the world are taking responsibility for ensuring the future and well-being of the planet. These people are exploring business practices, renewable energy solutions and sustainable lifestyles. Action for Renewables aims to inform our audiences of all these alternatives.

Renewable Future

Gone are the days when technology and society solely relied on fossil fuels for energy. Today, technology allows people to use renewable energy sources in ways both large and small. Action for Renewable provides a platform for people to learn about these clean energy alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Business

We also offer educational content for businesses who want better ways to run their companies. Action for Renewables hopes to show entrepreneurs they can succeed as well as help the environment.

Sustainable Lifestyles

Most people have no idea about the amount of energy and material they expend just to get through the day. Thankfully, many people from all over the world have developed methods and come up with tips to reduce their carbon footprints or decrease the amount of resources they use. We cover these guides to sustainable living on our site.

Jess Roberts

Jess graduated with honors in environmental engineering before finishing grad school with a degree in public health. Since then, she’s gone to work in the biggest water treatment centers in North America, making sure millions of people receive access to clean water every day.


Jess grew up in a city where many people died from waterborne diseases that could have been prevented if they had access to clean drinking water. She uses her knowledge and skill to advocate for the importance of universal access to clean water as well as its effects towards a greener future.

Dorothy Warner

Dorothy majored in advertising and, with almost a decade of experience under her belt, quit her corporate job in an advertising and PR firm and went on to use her skills for an advocacy she supports: recycling.


Now the PR head of a recycling organization, she wants to change the way people look at recycling. Instead of looking at it as a change of lifestyle to protect the earth, she wants to get people to recycle by promoting how it benefits people in short- and long-term goals.

Logan Lester

Logan Lester has been living nearly waste-free for the last three years. His goal this 2019 is to get rid of that last 10 percent of waste he produces and live totally zero-waste. To help achieve his goal, he started blogging his experience and how he wants to help decrease humanity’s carbon footprint with his environmentally-friendly practices.


Logan briefly ran a blog before focusing on Action For Renewables with friends Jess and Dorothy. Apart from writing his own articles, Logan edits and curates submissions to ensure more people get accurate facts on the benefits of going green.

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